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Small magnetic sheet semi-automatic saturation magnetizer

basic information
Product number:
Product Features
Saturated magnetization and discharge of small magnetic sheets
Applicable Products
Square piece or wafer [3mm<size<15mm]
Product introduction:
The semi-automatic saturation magnetization device is a semi-automatic device for saturating magnetization of NdFeB magnets. A small magnet with a large amount of odd-shaped magnetic field orientation is monotonically saturated by the semi-automatic device. The magnetization effect is remarkable, the qualification rate is high, and the operation is convenient.
The main function:
Ø Main functions: saturated magnetization and discharge;
Ø Magnetization saturation rate is above 99.5%;
Ø Suitable for a variety of products;
Ø Efficient and stable, easy to operate;
Technical Parameters:
Ø Applicable products: square or wafer [3mm < size <15mm]
Ø Discharge length: 1000mm / minute
Ø Supporting magnetizing energy: 1200v, 9000UF
Ø Magnetic field strength: central magnetic field > 4T
Ø Dimensions: 1500*1000*1600 (unit mm)